Breaking out of Her Shell


“I have a whole new perspective of me. I’ve been feeling good about myself because I know there are a lot of things I can do. I’ve overcome a hurdle.”  – Rachelle Smith Contributed by: Katherine Allen A year ago …


Rotary Free Public Skate Event

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One of Building Caring Communities’ objectives is to aid local organizations and clubs in building more welcoming spaces in community, so when a connector from BCC joined the local Rotary Club, it was a perfect fit! The Rotary Club members …


Shopping Around

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We joke, “How are you doing so much shopping with no money?!” “I thrift.” “Ohhh, like consignment stores?” “No, Laura. I thrift everywhere.” That’s something I really like about connecting with Lena, she gets things sorted, and adjusts until everything …


Urban Acupuncture

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Just as Traditional Chinese Acupuncture can be used to relieve stress in our bodies, Urban Acupuncture is a social/environmental theory that uses urban design and small scale interventions to transform and relieve stress in the city. Inspired by Improv Anywhere, …

checkmate 2

Check Mate

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I’m sitting opposite Bryan, black and white chess pieces scattered across the table between us. Alan, the organizer of the club, unrolls a chess mat with a quick flick of his wrist and hands it to me. A ‘casual club’ …