Lower Mainland Hikes and Adventures is a Meetup Group with over 8,000 members! We are a social group and our goal is to facilitate connections that will develop into friendships and eventually meaningful relationships.

We are a group of people who want to hike and build a love and greater appreciation for the outdoors. We recognize that life comes at different speeds for all of us, and we like to face the challenges of hiking as a group. We are inclusive to folks of all abilities, and that will always remain at the core of our values. Our group is not about who is the fastest hiker., and we do not feel the need to make a “mad dash” to the summit or to complete a trail in record time.

Our LMHA Values

  • We enjoy hiking as a group.
  • We look out for each other.
  • Safety is very important and we don’t leave anyone behind.
  • We encourage each other, take our time, and complete the hike together.
  • We cheer each other on and have fun hiking!

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“Because when one person connects, his or her life changes, but when everyone is connected our world changes.”
– Michael, Event Host and LMHA Community Member