Community Connecting

Over the next year, you and your Community Connector will create plans together that can make positive change happen in your life in any of the following areas:

  • Self-Knowledge – Knowing who you are and what you want.
  • Purpose and Planning – How do you want to contribute to the people around you? How do you want to connect with your communities? We invite you to reflect on your experiences and contribute to shaping what’s next.
  • Exploring Community and Relationships – Let’s find and connect you to people, places and resources that are meaningful to you.
  • Learning and Growth – Relationships involve a lot of skills – communication, reciprocity, scheduling, transit, research and, of course, reflection. We’ll give you lots of opportunities to practice these skills and more!

Other Things to Know:

We will start with a “Trial Period”

You and your Community Connector will meet weekly for around six weeks. It takes time to understand what Community Connecting is about, and what it could be like for you! During this time, you will get to know each other, try different things, you can introduce your Connector to the people in your life, and figure out what sorts of changes you want to make moving forward.

Opt-in – Is this what you want?

We’ll then meet with you to talk about your plans for Community Connecting, and make some agreements with each other – what we all need to make the changes you want to make happen. You are more than welcome to invite people who are important to you to this meeting!

We will need commitment

Community Connecting will only work if you and the people in your life are actively working towards your growth and independence. It might be hard, but we will work through the hard parts together.

We take a strengths-based approach

We always look first at what your strengths, passions, skills and resources are and how they can shape your life. We believe that by making these strengths and skills known to others, our communities will benefit as well.

This is a flexible process

In Community Connecting, exciting opportunities will come up and we have the ability to be flexible enough to respond to them when they do. This means that we might not meet with you at the same times and places every week. We hope you can be flexible along with us!

We will invite you to step outside of your comfort zone

Growth isn’t always easy and sometimes can be uncomfortable or scary. We encourage you and your circle to believe in your abilities, trust, and remember that positive change takes courage. We also invite you to talk with us if things feel overwhelming: we are here to work through this stuff together!

We are a time-limited service

You and your Community Connector will work together for about a year, but this could be more or less – depending on your motivation and engagement.