“I feel much better about myself – I’m not alone, going to different places. Not as shy as I used to be. More active and being around the community.”
– BCC Participant

“I’m not so shy as much, I feel comfortable going to walking meetups and socializing, before I was nervous, now I’m not. I know more places than usual, different places, and skytrain stations. I’m comfortable if I get lost on the skytrain or bus, I can ask the bus driver where this address is before I get on. I’m comfy around people. I’m getting used to the skytrain and transit and using google maps.”
– BCC Participant

“He asked for someone’s phone number and called them and asked them to hang out.”
– Participant’s parent

“I look at every day of the week and I say ‘I wanna do as many things as possible.’ I get bored easily so I found out what I’m interested in. I volunteer and I’ve taught kids how to play basketball. Now I got more confidence in myself to meet new people.”
– BCC Participant

“Community kitchen gave me confidence and the people were friendly. Friendships in the community kitchen.”
– BCC Participant

“Thank you for all the work you did. It was invaluable and such a benefit for (the participant). (The participant, their) mom and I appreciate all your efforts and supporting her to connect with her community in ways she finds meaningful.”
– CLBC Facilitator

“Thank you so much for this report (about your work with participant)! Not only did this illustrate her success in the BCC program, it demonstrated what the Community Connector did to help her reach her goals, thoughtful evaluation of the progress, where she’s at, and how she is connected.”
– CLBC Analyst

“All of us appreciate the resources which you have marshalled in my brother’s support. You have such a good sense of him and the community-connector ‘road-map’ is philosophically very positive. He has benefitted hugely from your influence.”
– Participant’s sibling