Rosie Finds a New Home and a New Community

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Contributed by Simone Brandl

Rosie recently moved to a new neighbourhood and was looking for places to meet people. She felt nervous about the new apartment and wanted to make new friends right away. As a way to get involved, she visited one of the churches in the area. The church, which offers a free breakfast and has a thrift shop, quickly became an important place that she visited frequently.

The congregation at Grace Memorial Church (803 E 16th Avenue, Vancouver) really believes in community. They host a number of community events, and have sold most of their church pews and replaced them with tables and chairs to welcome as many people as possible into their little chapel.”

When Rosie walks into the breakfast, she is greeted with smiles, coffee and a great meal. People talk to her about her new neighbourhood and spend lots of time with her. Rosie has enjoyed meeting new people at the church and has even shared her dream of volunteering. The people at the church quickly and enthusiastically invited her to join them in their work!

She was given a tour of the kitchen and thrift shop. Then, instead of being told what they wanted her to do, they asked what she would like to do! She gave them her preferences and now she is an active volunteer in the breakfast program. A few weeks down the line, she will also have her first shift in the Thrift Store. Rosie loves being involved at Grace Memorial Church, and the ladies at this church say that they are equally thrilled to have her in their tight-knit community!