Portraits of a Connected Neighbourhood

MikeConnect with us, Stories

Sharing a photograph is an easy way to talk about an idea or tell a story. Photographs capture moments of beauty and the abundance of the communities around us. By exploring citizens’ stories, photographs and experiences, Project CLIC: Creating Liveable and Interactive Communities was driven to create more welcoming and inclusive neighbourhoods, one ‘clic’ at a time.

On October 4, 2013, 22 people came together to share pizza and talk about the project. Each person was paired with a partner and given a disposable camera, a list of suggestions and a ‘photo story’ form on which to record their experiences. Over the course of two weeks, each photo journalist chose four topics from the list of questions and took 12 photographs. Once completed, they passed the camera to their photo buddy, so they in turn could shoot their photographs. The list of suggestions included ‘something that makes you laugh’, ‘a place you love to go’, ‘something you would love to learn more about’ and ‘what this community needs’.

Two weeks later all of the photographers and their guests were invited to a dinner to view the photographs and share their stories. In small groups, people discussed the prints and contemplated how they reflect upon our community and the experiences of our neighbours. The conversation was lively and emotional and helped the participants get to know one another better in a supportive space.

Project CLIC was animated by Little Mountain Neighbourhood House, with support from Vancity, Fresh Slice Pizza, ABCD Vancouver and the citizens of Mount Pleasant.

If you would like more info or are interested in hosting a similar event, please contact us.