Laughter, Joy and Unexpected Friendship

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Bryan and James have been friends since last fall when they were first introduced to each other over a cup of steeped tea at Tim Hortons. They made an instant impression on each other, bouncing around names, songs, movie titles, comic book series and old records. It was a verbal game of backgammon, challenging each other to see if they would get along. They could have kept at it for hours!

The extent to which their knowledge and interests overlap is incredible and together these two make a knowledge-force to be reckoned with. Never agree to play trivial pursuit with these two – you are sure to lose.

Bryan and James both have a quirky and intelligent sense of humour, and love each other’s jokes. They share a passion for building collections, and each has incredible book and record collections. It is an art, a gift, and a lifetime pursuit.

Laughter and joy are the first things you notice when spending time with Bryan and James. Whether it’s going for breakfast, watching a matinee, bowling, or playing board games, these two are having fun together. The combination of these two personalities is electric and wonderfully eccentric, and it has led to an exciting friendship.