Dixit, Dominoes & Dominion at Drexoll Games

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Greg Board GamesDrexoll Games is a game store with more. Not only do they carry over 1,000 board games but they host weekly gaming events open to the public. The Friday night Board Game Night is one of those events, and it sees anywhere from 10 to 30 gamers attending in one night. Everyone is welcome and if you don’t have a game to play, have no fear – customers are free to borrow one of the hundreds of games they have for use in store. Board Game Night attracts regulars and newcomers, serious and casual gamers alike.

For a few months now, Greg has been attending Board Game Night. Having a deep love of games, Greg took an immediate liking to the event and on most Fridays can now be found hunched over a table conquering fantasylands and defeating evil villains. Of the three or four games Greg will play on a Friday night, most, if not all of these games will be new to him. But Greg doesn’t mind because he’s “a huge fan of board games” and people are always willing to help explain the rules. Right now, his favorite games are Legendary and Dominion – the former a cooperative game where players fight to defeat evil Marvel villains, the latter a competitive game where monarchs race for unclaimed land and seek to fill their coffers.

Though Greg is a self-proclaimed fan of board games, his favorite thing about Board Game Night isn’t the games… it’s meeting new people. He enjoys his Friday nights at Drexoll Games because the people are nice and he “gets along with everybody”.