Building the Container

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Contributed by John Woods

On Sunday, June 29, a neighbourhood citizens’ group called Edmonds People In-Community (EPIC) Residents Association presented a free outdoor concert in the brand-new plaza outside Edmonds Community Centre.

This first show of the “EPIC Music In The Park” Series was hosted by seasoned performer, Jeff Neufel. It featured great budding local musicians – most of whom were regulars at an open mike night in New Westminster.

Some folks showed up early to cheer on the artists, while others drifted in as the show went on, surprised and drawn in by the beautiful music. Enthusiastic children rode around on tiny bikes. Adults sat in small groups and soaked up the evening sun. New acquaintances were made. It was everything you would want to see happening in a vibrant community.

EPIC’s mission is to foster a more connected neighbourhood. With this event, they created a welcoming musical container in a brand new-public space, then stood back and let it fill with fun, friendship and community life.