Building a Community of Reciprocity

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Exciting relationships are unfolding as Building Caring Communities expands further outwards into community and invites groups inwards to use the Hub as a gathering spot for workshops, book launches, singing classes, meditation groups, jam nights, sewing clubs, etc.

The latest soap makingpartnership is with  Trade School Vancouver – a very cool volunteer-run group that offers classes around Vancouver once a month. Anybody can teach a class, and students sign up for classes by agreeing to bring barter items that the teacher requests. Trade School has hosted classes around the world on everything from Italian lessons in exchange for knitting lessons, to Basic Photoshop in exchange for a pound of coffee. Trade School celebrates practical wisdom, mutual respect, and the social nature of exchange. It is a place of learning, connecting, and sharing.

BCC is excited to offer up our inclusive and accessible space for Trade School Vancouver to host classes at in 2015, so please, keep checking their website (classes are posted early in the month) and as always check Building Caring Communities to keep up to date on all the exciting events.  If you would like to book the Hub for a community event, please connect with us here.